Open Source Software Reviews

Here I review Open Source Software and Free services

I plan to review Open Source Software like GNU/Linux and LibreOffice

Free educational services like Khan Academy and OpenStax

and Open hardware like Arduino and Raspberry Pi

and much more….


My Review List



Plans list

  • Raspberry Pi
  • Debian
  • KDE √
  • Khan Academy
  • Digital Ocean v.s. VPScheap. What is the best VPS for your buck?
  • Super TuxKart and FlightGear (Free games)
  • OpenStax Textbooks (if they give me instructor access so I can see power points and videos)
  • Word Press and Simple Machines Forum
  • Python, PHP, and Go programming language review
  • Citadel Suite (FOSS email and BBS server)
  • LibreOffice online /
    Collabora Online Development Edition (CODE) + Nextcloud
  • Next-cloud / Own-cloud
  • KVM and Virt-Manger
  • FOSS Cloud (if I can get the hardware and network)
  • PuTTY
  • GoDOT Game Engine
  • VirtulGL 3D graphics over VNC
  • OBS and OpenShot
  • Audacity, Ardour, and Jack
  • Visual Studio Code and Builder
  • Vim v.s. Nano
  • BASH v.s Ksh
  • FreeDOS
  • Let’s Encrypt

√ = Complete