Technical Difficulties! But were fixing the issue!

We have been experiencing technical difficulties! Due to a MySQL and Ubuntu update we had to RESET the whole server. Don’t worry though! there was a Database and web server complete backup yesterday and we are restoring everything to you! Use this as a reminder to take backups of your server often!


Looks like you saw the surprise message! Get the $20+$15 VPS package and you will get it for only $20+$7.50 that means for $27.50 you can have your own full featured website and a private personal email server. Check out to test the real world proformace.

To get started email me at



Wombathaven Club shows the power of a $20 VPS from is a $20/yr VPS hosted by Its has a WordPress, Forums site powered by SMF, and a secured IMAP/SMTP Email server with Rainloop Webmail. add a $0.99 domain from and you got the perfect solution for your blog and business. Buy the  $20 Basic VPS and contact me with proof of purchase and you only have to pay $15 for a full installation of a LAMP server, WordPress, Let’s Encrypt SSL, Dovecot (IMAP) and Postfix (SMTP) servers with encryption. All of that for $35* Contact me at OR

All issues resolved

OS ticket and other PHP applications on Wombathaven have been fixed. You can use OS ticket for problems and ILIAS e-learning

Wombathaven Minecraft update

Version update 1.13 will be on its way soon! Please wait until we can verify spigot and our plugins are stable so we can deliver the best Minecraft PvE experince

Important update to all current and future customers

Wombathaven I.T. Consulting is glad to announce our new VPS bundle and some new features for existing Wombathaven Paid Support users!

The $35 VPS plan* comes with 30 days ticket support, 90 days Forum Paid support, and unlimited access to the online course  made by myself that is tailored for learning Basic server management. Existing customers will get the online course as well.

If you want to order a support plan we will now be using a forms software coming soon. For now continue emailing  or you can leave a message in the live support chat or on the forums  inquires section. until the service is ready.


Thank you for choosing Wombathaven I.T. Consulting for your VPS and Web Services needs.




*the $35 VPS is split $15 to WHITC and $20 towards VPS Cheap’s 1 year basic VPS then the server is just $20/Yr Not including taxes (if any) and/or a domain name. WARRANTY NOT INDUCED! 

My Review on KDE on Ubuntu 18.04

KDE Plasma is one the best desktop GUI I have ever used. Its customization and features like widgets make it stand out from the others. With its ease of use and Windows-like desktop it makes switching over to Linux a snap.  Plasma also is lightweight for the features it has. consuming around 260Mb of ram on average (in my usage)  it can run on most of today’s (and yesterday’s) computers. Software like KDE connect allows your Android device like your smartphone or tablet to connect to your computer so you can share files over WiFi, See notifications, check battery life, and Ping your phone if you cannot find it. The best part is it’s works so well with older hardware. I’m using a Dell Dimension E520 with 3Gb ram, a Pentium D CPU and a 80Gb 7200RPM HDD and I have no issues at all. It is much faster than Ubuntu’s bundled Gnome desktop and you get so much more.  If you want to learn more about the KDE desktop go to to learn more about their software and mission.