Minecraft server services

Wombathaven Minecraft Server Services

Personally I love Minecraft and I am willing to help dedicated server owners and admins create a very lag free, successful and highly secure Minecraft server using a full or hybrid cloud setup (using Ubuntu Linux VPS of course)

Please be aware while I know how to set up plugins I am mainly here to make sure your servers and their networking is up and running properly. I will not configure ranks/permissions but I can help. I will configure Bungee for you.


All I ask in return is

  1. A light blue developer rank or a orange SysAdmin rank on your server with the best player perks (i.e /fly /top etc. nothing op tho)
  2. Depending on your deployment size and how much you already know. I may ask for a $15 or less compensation If its 3 or less servers i wont charge anything.(Use PayPal F&F)
  3. A shout out of my I.T. and Server consulting business on your YT channel (If applicable. Optional but nice)

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