Minecraft Server of The Year: Super Fun Time

Congratulations Super Fun Time! You won Wombathaven’s Minecraft Server of The Year award.

All I have to say about super fun time is that they are the gold standard of what a Minecraft PvE/Survival server should be. They have everything from great staff and developers that make Super Fun Time special. I joined super fun time back in 2013 when the server was around 3 years old. Like Minecraft itself the Super Fun Time community as a whole also recently had it’s 10th anniversary. This is THE ONLY Survival server that has been around for this long. I was in middle school when I played on SFT for the first time and it was such an amazing experience. Great custom plugins, a great forum and Discord community, and a dedicated staff team make the old fashioned Minecraft PvE experience feel like something new and refreshing.

I am grateful to the Super Fun Time server staff, The developers behind the plugins, and the owner TowelieDOH for being so dedicated to keeping Super Fun Time such an active and fun server!

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