December’s Donation – Pterodactyl

For this month I choose Pterodactyl to recive a donation. Pterodactyl is a game management panel that is very stable and has many features. Its licenced under the MIT Licence and all of the source code is available to anyone who wants it. To get started all you need is a server with 1 panel installation and 1 Daemon installation. The install process consists of setting your domain, database, and creating your daemons. Once you have a panel setup you can create a daemon which is easy with the instructions. This can be on the same or different server and (should) be secured with SSL. You can have virtual (KVM/Vmware), or physical servers there is no limit to the ammount of nodes/servers you can have. To install more nodes all you need to do is install the daemon on any server and connect it to the panel. This means you can have one central server and many side nodes. Pterodactyl also has a powerful console and file browser along with Secure FTP support for very easy management. You can find a full list of supported games on their website but it seems to support Minecraft and Source the best and Mumble and Teamspeak voice servers. Some of the other features like Subusers make it easy to allow your other admins accsess and with IP allocation and database managment you can use almost anything. Personally I use Pterodactyl to manage and run the Minecraft and Mumble servers. Since we have many VPS servers spread out across the world using Pterodactyl makes it easy to manage without having to worry about restrictive licencesing and large costs. Pterodactyl is another great free web based administraton software that every sys-admin should have in their arsenal.


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