September’s Donation – The KDE Communtiy

The KDE Community is dedicated to making easy to use Free and Open Source software. They made one of the best desktop environments (Plasma) and some of the best utilities. The Plasma Desktop is my favorite software from KDE. It is a very Windows Vista like desktop experience which is good for users who are coming from windows. Konsole (the terminal emulator), Dolphin (The file manager) and Discover (The graphical software manager) gives KDE Plasma desktops a very welcoming feel and the applications made for KDE integrate well with the desktop. KDE Connect allows you to remotely control your computer, run a command, control media, send and recive files all from your mobile Android device. Also with the inclusion of “Vaults” you can create safe encrypted folders on your system that require a password to view and interact with the contents. Therefore making KDE Desktops environments very attractive to travelers with sensitive data on their device. KDE deserved this donation because they make such great software and I personally use KDE software every day to read my emails, install software, manage my finances, protect my files, and play games.¬† I recommend KDE software to anyone new to Linux.

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