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At Wombathaven Open Source Technology Consulting we are dedicated to making sure that your servers, websites, and applcations are up and running so you can do your what you love without the hassle of managing a Linux server as well as worrying about support. Our prices are cheap and our services are personalized and professional. Putting stability and security first.


My Name is Andrew and as you may know, my mission here at Wombathaven Open Source Technology Consulting is to allow people to freely express themselves and their ideas on the internet in a secure and professional style.  I am now 18 years old and I am very interested in server development and management and I would like to be able to gain experiences by setting up professional grade Linux servers for your personal/business needs. If you want more information on my setup or a setup based on your needs please contact me.

Get Started

This page will tell you what you need to get started.

  • Send an email to andrewfer000@wombathaven.org with the following
    1. A list of needs for your site. Please make sure they are on the list if not feel free to submit a request to me
    2. Your name and phone number
    3. any other information you will need
  •   After negotiating in the email you may get approved for a free setup that will be built ASAP. If you need to pay any fees to me they will be sent in an invoice which will require a 20% payment before anything gets started.
  • You will need to have an Un-managed VPS and you will have to send me a root password to get started.
  • I suggest  signing up for our forums at https://wombathaven.org/forum/ These resources may help you if you have an issue


Close Windows, Open Doors

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